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Professor Jan Evans-Freeman
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Engineering)

BSc(Hons), PhD(Manchester),

The College of Engineering at the University of Canterbury (UC) is known for our world class research, inspirational teaching, and diverse academic community.

By joining UC, you will be part of:

  • The top Engineering College in New Zealand* with a worldwide reputation for innovation and research excellence
  • The most established Engineering programmes in the country, based at a university which has been engineering focused for over 125 years
  • A group of talented and highly cited academic staff, many of whom are world renowned as leading researchers in their fields
  • A diverse and multicultural academic community, with approximately 25% of staff from Europe
  • A university entering a new phase of growth and redevelopment which includes a $1 billion investment in infrastructure over the next 20 years
  • A college committed to collaborating with industry partners and connecting our research with the world
  • An academic team with excellent opportunities to work closely with key decision-makers

As a fairly recent émigré, I understand that emigrating can be a huge decision, especially if leaving a job in one’s home country. I have found, after moving here from the UK in 2009, that the major operations and issues facing universities in New Zealand are in some ways the same as those around the world, but here in New Zealand we have a special environment too that has unique advantages.

I hope you pursue your interest in working with us here in Canterbury, I’m glad I did.

*most recent PBRF research quality assessment rating